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LIFT Speaker Stand

LIFT Speaker Stand

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LIFT is the world’s best speaker stand, providing unmatched ease of adjustment, stability, and high-performance vibration isolation solution for your studio monitors or speakers.

Select up to three stands per system. Don't forget to add the required Power Supply and Control Kit below.

Platform Sizes in Inches

  • Small Platform: 7.9” x 11.8”
  • Large Platform: 11.8” x 15.7”

Speaker Weight Ranges in Pounds

  • Light Isolators: 11 lbs - 26.5 lbs
  • Medium Isolators: 26.5 lbs - 44.1 lbs
  • Heavy Isolators: 44.1 lbs - 90.4 lbs


LIFT's motorized column conform to IEC and UL standards. The customer is responsible for confirming whether LIFT meets the regulatory standards of your country.

  • EN 60335-1
  • EN 13849-1
  • UL 962
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What Makes LIFT Special?


  • Provides a stable and vibration isolated home for your studio monitors or speakers.
  • Sylomer specifically engineered for LIFT through a partnership with industry leading vibration solutions firm AMC Mecanocaucho.
  • When properly loaded it provides real and effective decoupling for all frequencies above 8.8hz.
  • Prevents transmission of vibrations from your monitors into the stand/floor (and vice versa), which improves their performance and transient/bass response.
  • High friction non-slip neoprene pad grips your monitors securely and provides for secure placement of a wide variety of speaker types.


  • Solid, single-piece laser cut steel base plate is incredibly stable.
  • The unique X-shaped design and low profile allow for maximum flexibility when positioning the stands around desk legs, cables, subwoofers, and other obstacles.
  • Four precision machined articulating leveling feet provide easy adjustment from the top of the stand, ensuring that uneven floors won’t compromise stability.
  • Each of the feet is cushioned with a non-marking rubber pad to prevent scratching your floor while also furthering the stability and solidly planted feel of the stand.


  • Set up your stands in minutes and adjust them with a push of a button.
  • The easiest-to-use height adjustable speaker stand ever built.
  • Use the controller from the comfort of your chair to dial in the exact height that works for your speakers and studio.
  • Store memory positions for different speaker heights or drop your near-field speakers behind your desk to use your mains without obstructions.



We designed LIFT with two platform sizes to safely accommodate a wide range of speakers. The small platform is well suited for most two-way and smaller three-way nearfields; and some vertical three-way midfield speakers. The large platform is intended for wider two and three way midfields that require more horizontal support. Check out our configuration table to see which platform is best for your speakers!

  • LIFT with small platform

  • LIFT with large platform

  • Small platform dimensions

  • Large platform dimensions


Our proprietary Sylomer isolation system sets LIFT apart from other speaker stands. This system is available in three configurations, light, medium, or heavy. These configurations cover most speakers on the market today. LIFT performs its best when your speakers are paired to the correct configuration. Check out our configuration table to see which isolation is best for your speakers!

  • Light Isolators

  • Medium Isolators

  • Heavy Isolators


LIFT was designed with ease of adjustability in mind. Its motorized lifting column provides a wide range of height adjustment, making it suitable for all listening environments and preferences. LIFT's low-profile x-shaped baseplate fits discretely under and around most racks, desks and desk legs. Our precision leveling feet provide quick adjustment and a stable point of contact on all types of flooring.

  • Motorized height adjustability

  • Baseplate and leveling foot details


LIFT's wired controller provides useful and ergonomic functionality in all situations. It can be placed on a surface or mounted to the underside of a desk with the provided bracket. The controller provides up/down adjustment and can store and recall three user-defined height positions.

  • Controller Details

  • Dimensions

    Minimum Height:

    • 621.5 mm (24.5”)

    Maximum Height:

    • 1282.5 mm (50.5”)

    Speaker Platform - Small:

    • 200 mm x 300 mm (7.9” x 11.8”)

    Speaker Platform - Large:

    • 300 mm x 400 mm (11.8” x 15.7”)

    Base Plate:

    • 390 mm x 440 mm (15.4” x 17.3”)
  • Load Capacity

    Isolators - Light:

    • 5 kg - 12 kg (11 lbs - 26.5 lbs)

    Isolators - Medium:

    • 12 kg - 20 kg (26.5 lbs - 44.1 lbs)

    Isolators - Heavy:

    • 20 kg - 41 kg (44.1 lbs - 90.4 lbs)

    Lifting Column Max Load:

    • 72 kg (157.4 lbs)
    • It is not recommended to exceed the capacity of the isolators*

  • Weight

    • Stand with Small Platform: 17.1 kg (37.7 lbs)
    • Stand with Large Platform: 21.9 kg (48.3 lbs)
  • Decoupling Performance

    • As low as 8.8Hz natural frequency when loaded within range
    • Lateral movement damping


Who is LIFT for?

LIFT is for anyone who wants to put speakers on stands and do it in style. Producers, engineers, artists, studios, and audiophiles can all benefit from using LIFT with their speakers.

LIFT is a stand you can rely on for years. It’s adjustable and reconfigurable for many different speakers. Have small near-fields now but want to upgrade to bigger 3 ways next year? No problem! LIFT can adapt with your setup.

LIFT is intended to be the last speaker stand you will ever buy. The only other stands you might buy after LIFT are more LIFT’s because you will want them for all your speakers.

How does LIFT work?

We selected the world’s leading linear actuator company to build our motorized columns. These columns drive the stands up and down in sync to accomplish easy and precise height adjustment. A simple and robust controller allows you to adjust the height and store your preferred speaker positions.

We engineered a heavy steel base plate to provide a stable foundation for the stand and since that wasn’t enough to satisfy our feature list we also developed our own proprietary vibration isolation and damping system using high-performance Sylomer isolators. This isolation system eliminates energy transmission from your speakers into the floor or desk and helps improve imaging clarity, bass response, and removes structure-borne crosstalk distortion.

Why use LIFT?

LIFT was designed to solve many common problems with speaker stands.

LIFT is incredibly simple and easy to set up, it’s fast and precise to adjust, it’s stable and robust, and it provides real vibration isolation/decoupling for your speakers in order to improve the performance, sound quality, and accuracy of your monitoring.

If that wasn’t enough of a reason to get LIFT’s we also made them MOTORIZED because motorized speaker stands are better speaker stands in general.

What's included with LIFT?

LIFT comes with everything you need to optimally place, adjust, and isolate your speakers.

Each LIFT comes with one base plate with four lockable leveling feet, one motorized lifting column, and one speaker platform assembly. Eight included M6 bolts and one T-handled hex key wrench are all that are needed to fully assemble LIFT.

To motorize LIFT, a power supply, motor cable, and IEC power cable are included in the box. For control, our elegant wired controller is included.

And, of course, a user manual and easy to follow assembly instructions come with every LIFT.

Can I use more that one LIFT together?

Of course you can! You can control up to three LIFTs together in sync from the same controller. The LIFT controller connects to the provided power supply and the power supply can connect to all of your LIFTs, whether you have one, two, or three.

The number of LIFTs you want to control will determine the power supply we send along with your order. When placing your order, you can choose between mono, stereo, and LCR configurations.

If you have multiple sets of speakers you can purchase a LIFT system for each set and have independent control over each system from their dedicated controller.

How do I purchase LIFT?

LIFT can be purchased from right here on our website. Just click on the “Shop” button on the top of the page to place an order.

Once there, choose the configuration of platform size and isolators that suite your needs, and select the number of LIFTs you want for your setup (mono, stereo, or LCR) and you’re good to go!

If you need help determining which configuration is best for your speakers, just take a look at our compatibility table, locate your speakers, and see which configuration we’ve calculated will perform the best.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fantastic Stands

The large platform heavy isolators handle Genelec 8361A's with ease. Quite the relief considering how long it took to find proper stands for these beasts! The platforms do bounce/wiggle slightly by design, so don't mistake that for a wobble. The stands are solid as a rock and sound fantastic. The motorized vertical adjustment is very smooth. 10/10.

Seriously high quality stands!

We bought these stands to pair with a motorised Secretlab Magnus Pro desk in our video edit suite, as being able to adjust speaker height as easily as the desk height is a huge bonus with different editors using the suite.
From the moment of unpacking it was clear how well-built these stands are - they're a seriously solid work of engineering and will not be collapsing anytime soon!
They're elegantly designed, with smooth motorised movement, and the isolators have provided a noticeable sonic improvement compared to when we had previously the monitors sitting on isolation pads on a desk.
They're heavy, so international shipping is expensive, but we've been delighted with our purchase. :-)

Lift Stands with Focal Trios and Sit Stand Desk

I've been using the lift stands for over a year now and have found them to work flawlessly throughout my ownership. Being able to get the tweeters at ear height when either sitting or standing has been incredible - something I never thought could be possible with these massive monitors. The stands themselves regarding audio have been fully invisible - I have noticed nothing from my monitors but perfect uncompromising sound.

I would recommend these to anyone who needs monitors off their desk and uses sitting and standing regularly in their work practice.

Versatility is unmatched

These are great stands. They’re built rock solid and the isolation system on the platform is excellent. Something that isn’t mentioned much in the reviews is that you have the option to rise and lower your speakers. If you have multiple monitors for different listening you simply lower or raise the monitors with the touch of a button out of the way. It’s a tremendous time saver for me and anyone who uses multiple monitors in a room. They are really a bargain.

Denis T.
Awesome product that delivers

Sturdy, well built monitor stands that seem like they'll last a lifetime, definitely worth the price of admission. Height adjustment with presets was a game-changer for optimizing my rooms acoustic response. The isolation performance gave a noticeable improvement in delivery of the low end in the room compared to my last set of stands