Sound On Sound: September, 2022

Reviewed by Hugh Robjohns

In the studio environment, one obvious difficulty with a sit/stand approach is that it makes it hard to know how high up to mount the monitor speakers. Ideally, the tweeters should be at ear height, but there could be half a metre or more difference between sitting and standing. Of course, height‑adjustable speaker stands are available, but most require fiddly manual adjustment and can’t be altered easily with the speakers in place. Fortunately, Space Lab Systems have an elegant solution. Continue…

Sonicscoop: February 23rd, 2022

Reviewed by Rich Crescenti

In the pro audio and music-making world, monitoring is one of the most important factors. While many think of monitoring as only your speakers, it’s actually an entire chain of equipment. So much of what you have in your room affects how you perceive sound, and ultimately the choices you make: AC power, converters, monitor controller, signal processing, speakers and their placement, acoustic treatment—and, yes, even your monitor stands, play a vital role in ensuring accuracy and fidelity in your setup. Space Lab Systems aim to improve your space in at least two of those categories with their new LIFT motorized speaker stand. Continue…

Tape Op: Issue #145, Sep / Oct 2021

Reviewed by Jesse Lauter

LIFT is a “motorized speaker stand with high-performance vibration damping,” created by Brooklyn-based studio designers, Tim Crossley and Matt Schaefer, in collaboration with the owner of Manhattan’s Precision Sound, Alex Sterling. The story goes that Alex approached Tim and Matt to help him design a speaker stand that simply goes up and down, but with high-quality isolation and vibration control. LIFT’s isolation properties are a result of years of R&D for Precision Sound’s flush-mounted speaker decoupling system. The platforms are made with neoprene friction pads and Sylomer isolators, “a space-aged material” that helps “separate” the speaker from the stand and floor. Space Lab claims that LIFT’s platform can have a “natural frequency as low as 8.8 Hz!” The three of them quickly realized that a product with real decoupling technology and height motorization simply didn’t exist on the market, hence LIFT was born! Continue…